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You help so many of us here with your stories. I always appreciate your feedback because it makes me realise that I’m not alone and many of us have been through the same things. I never thought having a healthy relationship would be so difficult as I got older, but it is! So thanks for what you do because it helps!

I can’t express how helpful this group was to me when I was broken. I started to lose faith in humanity after my ex’s mask slipped. How could people be THAT awful and soulless. But it’s platforms like this which allow you to see the good in the people. I took inspiration from every single woman that wrote something into this group – everyone has been through so much. But here we all are. Well done on creating something in which we could all start to see the joy again.

I’m currently at a women’s shelter for domestic abuse and I share this group with everyone I meet that talks about their situation! Thank you for sharing your story because once again you have inspired me to keep going and not look back.

This is a very special group, your story is very inspirational, and I’m grateful to be on this journey with you all.

I just want to show my appreciation for this group and for all of you amazing and inspiring women. Finding this group has given me strength I didn’t even know I had. Thank you all and thank you Sally. I finally don’t feel so alone in this mess.

I just wanted to tell you how eye-opening the information you’ve been sending me has been. It has really made me take a look at lifelong patterns, as it turns out they have been. It’s been causing quite a shift in the way I look at things now! Anyway, thank you again.

I’m so appreciative for the healing I’ve gone through and continue in… thank you Sally, for creating such a safe space for us. I never would share these things in any public way. Thank you.

Absolutely wonderful support, so glad I found you.

Thank you. Your insight is always spot on.

Thank you, so much… it’s because of women like you that encourage me and provide me with love, that I am assured it’s all going to be ok.