Book Launch – My Red Quilt

Women of Wisdom and Courage®️ is proud to announce the debut publication of My Red Quilt is available to buy now
Available to buy in paperback and Kindle versions now
“This book is incredible! I have never come across anything like this before and I wish I had sooner; it will save some, inspire others and definitely empower all”
- Survivor
“I absolutely love it and will definitely use this resource!”
Julie Watson
CEO of Women’s Aid East & Midlothian

Her Story. Your Story. Our Story.
Together, we’re all Women of Wisdom and Courage

Cover artwork by Debra Webster

Advance Praise

“This book is brilliant! It feels warm, friendly and safe and it’s going to be a fantastic resource for survivors”

– A Survivor
“All professionals that women could potentially have to interact with should be far better informed of the complexities of domestic abuse and narcissists. This book is a brilliant way to take them ‘there’ in a way they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. An incredibly useful resource for professionals and I’ll most definitely be promoting the hell out of it!”

– Christine El Issa, Family social worker and women’s life coach
“I love the artwork and the format of this book. The poetry is very powerful!! I can see this being a very useful reference for my clients who are going through or have come through such a journey. This would also be a great book to recommend to those legal professionals who are interested in making their client’s lives easier and more positive, by giving them insights into their lived experience.”

– Sue Leadbeater, Family Law Specialist
“Absolutely brilliant!! I just love everything about it – heartbreaking and inspiring and conveys that sense of sisterhood through the shared experience”

– A Survivor
“I would highly recommend this book to other therapists working in the area of narcissist abuse, to get a feel for the depth and breadth of women’s experiences, and to be able to offer clients an additional resource to explore and support their therapy. It’s certainly on my bookshelf!”

– Charlotte Pardy, Psychotherapist MA Cert Soc Sci Dip mBACP reg
“‘My Red Quilt’ is a privilege to read; the bravery and openness from every woman writing the poems and creating the artwork is inspirational. What is exceptional about this book is that once we are inspired by the poetry, the reader is then supported and encouraged to write their own, with both emotional support and practical advice. I truly hope women still experiencing domestic abuse, or in the process of recovering from it, find this book.”

– Victoria Padmore, Founder of More To Her Life
Available to buy in paperback and Kindle versions now